With recent storms and the start of summer, requests to the GRACE Food Pantry are at an all-time high. The GRACE Pantry will have a total of close to 900 visits this month alone, and we are in need of help to meet this need!

GRACE was one of those unfortunate to have power loss for an extended period of time this week due to storm, causing a substantial food loss to some of our most needed items. This loss, coupled with increased need from those affected by the storm on top of the annual summer increase in demand, has left our pantry shelves and fridge dangerously low on supply.

If you would like to assist in helping our neighbors during this time of increased need, please consider a donation to the Food Pantry to help GRACE restock!

There are many ways to donate: Make a monetary donation HERE, stop by the Pantry Monday – Friday between 8:30 and 5:00, or set up a food drive by reaching out to ebaker@GRACEGrapevine.org (817-305-4653).