One of the best gifts of GRACE that we as staff see is when the community looks out for each other and uses us to do it. This month, we have one such story. Last month, our care managers were contacted by a very concerned employee of a utility company about an 83-year-old woman who did not and has not had gas in her home for three months.

This sweet woman was immediately contacted by GRACE staff so that a further assessment could be conducted. By making arrangements to visit with her face-to-face in her home GRACE confirmed that this woman had been without gas for 3 months, had been unable to use her stove, and did not have hot water. She had been making do by heating her water in the sun and sometimes using the microwave.

GRACE learned that her service being disconnected was the result of a gas leak and an unpaid bill. Due to the nature of the gas leak, GRACE arranged for a plumber to come to assess and repair it. After this repair, GRACE was assisted in bringing the homeowner’s account to current, getting the utilities turned back on, and connecting her with other resources needed for ongoing assistance.

During GRACE’s visit, this dear woman spoke so highly of her late husband, whom she lost just over a year ago, and how challenging things have been without him in the home. Despite this recent loss and being without gas for 3 months, she was the most humble, grateful, and spirit-filled woman. She expressed her gratitude and gave her thanks to God for all involved in helping her.

When asked what the one thing she looking forward to the most was, cooking a Sunday dinner including some turnip greens.

As a community GRACE encourages you that if you see something, please say something. This woman was in great need of help, incredibly inconvenienced, and said nothing.

To the utility employee who didn’t hesitate – we thank you, and so does she!

If you require assistance or know of someone who might need GRACE to make it through, please call us at 817-488-7009 or email at