If you were to ask the average high school freshman where most of their energy is spent, the majority might answer something along the lines of playing sports, keeping up with grades, or simply trying to navigate the new and overwhelming experience that is high school. Any one of us can empathize with these answers, because we’ve all been “fish” at some point.

Taylor Cross is one of those special few who is managing to juggle all of that on top of starting her own cause. Taylor is a student at Covenant Christian School in Colleyville, and at the age of 14, she has already found her passion and brought it to life! With her big heart for kids, Taylor has made it her mission to ensure each child checked in at Cook Children’s Hospital would leave with a fuzzy teddy bear in their arms. These are not your ordinary stuffed animals, however. Once Taylor collects the bears, she attaches a tag around each one’s neck that contains an encouraging message. The handwritten notes emphasize how loved and unique each kid is, adding encouragement to an already uplifting gift. Her efforts are sure to put a smile on each child’s face when they meet their new companion.

This past summer, Taylor reached out to GRACE in hopes of expanding her cause by providing bears for the annual Christmas Cottage. We are so grateful she did, because her generosity will help hundreds of families with the 150 bears she collected! Her enthusiasm is contagious, and we couldn’t be more proud of the inspiration she is to others. A big GRACE thank you for helping us give families the Christmas everyone deserves!

If you haven’t yet, check out Taylor’s website!