It’s the GRACE Christmas Cottage opening of the year! Yes, you heard it right, the GRACE 2021 Christmas Cottage is back in action. After last year’s Christmas Cottage full of COVID precautions, this year’s celebration felt a little more normal and ten times as festive!

Santa Claus made his special holiday appearance delighting guests with his jolly laugh, and asking children what they wanted for Christmas. Santa was not the only special guest to come and surprise the children. Batman flew in from Gotham City to be at the GRACE Christmas Cottage to greet kids as well!

The food was catered by Rena Frost from Mac’s on Main, who brought a stunning arrangement of fruits, veggies, and cheeses. Steve Brown catered some of his specialties from Esparza’s, including quesadillas, taquitos and tamales for everyone to enjoy. Classic Christmas music filled the air as everyone mingled, ate, sipped on wine, and welcomed in parents and kids as they came into the Cottage to see the wonderland that had been created.

Sometime later, Shonda Schaefer welcome everyone to the new Christmas Cottage and thanked everyone for being there, from donors to friends and family, but the biggest thank you went to Beth Chernik and the volunteer Christmas elves who made the open house and the Christmas Cottage look and feel like a winter wonderland. There was a drawing for different take-home items that Shonda encouraged everyone to be a part of, and to top it off, Shonda included everyone in a big GRACE Christmas Cottage Selfie. The night was a magical night full of laughter, dancing and food. We are so glad that the GRACE Christmas Cottage is back this year.

The GRACE Christmas Cottage runs from now until Dec 22nd, so if you are looking to get involved, we need you! Our biggest need now is volunteers, so please sign up here to be a part. Thank you and Happy Holidays!