As planning season for the 2022 GRACE Gala is ramping up, our Gala Committee is following suit!

This coming Wednesday at 3:00 pm, a tour of GRACE sites and facilities is taking place, and it will be followed by a group happy hour at Sloan & Williams Winery. Both are open to anyone interested in joining this year’s Gala Committee, or even just for those interested in the workings and locations of GRACE in general!

GRACE operations cover numerous sites, programs, services, and opportunities for our clients so taking time to see our facilities really helps to put it all into perspective. Our tour covers not only our history but we also walk through the facilities themselves and introduce the people who operate them.

“Touring our facilities is maybe the best way to really see how GRACE operates,” said Christina Cates, GRACE Director of Community Engagement. “It’s always exciting to show our new Board members the facilities but I’m really excited that this opportunity is now open to the public—it’s a great way to connect with the community.”

On the tour, you will see our main offices on East Walnut Street, where our Client Services staff greet those who seek out GRACE for help. On the opposite side of the facility, you’ll find the Community Clinic where GRACE patients receive top medical care, and our Food Pantry that is stocked with delicious and healthy food items–the same you’d find in any store.

The main offices also house the GRACE administration, finance, and development staff who work to help guide and grow our mission.

Attendees will also tour and shop our resale store, GRACEful Buys. And, finally, no tour would be complete without a stop by Donation Station where the community comes to donate their items so we can make sure they find new homes.

It’s not uncommon for people who have been a part of GRACE for years to not know about all of our programs and services–use this opportunity to see all of GRACE and learn more about how you can help those in need.

For more details on the happy hour, reference our article introducing our wonderful new Gala Auction Chair! To book your spot on the tour, contact Basha Ramsey at 817-305-4653.