GRACE would like to reintroduce our incredibly awesome Client Services Caseworker, Jamé Scott.

Born in San Fransisco California, Jamé has always had a passion for traveling to new places. Her experiences include trips to Europe, Cuba, and a Mediterranean cruise where she got the chance to sail through Greece.

About three years ago, Jamé was a part of the GRACE staff working as our Transitional Housing Manager. During her time here, she set a goal to build relationships with our clients, and that she did. Her advice and wisdom on being the best version of oneself touched so many of our clients daily, inspiring them to go out and follow their dreams. During her first run here at GRACE, Jamé received the opportunity to be the director of a senior living facility, which she took. During that time, Jamé opened her new business and became a successful businesswoman. Several months ago, GRACE was in need of a Client Service Caseworker. Out of curiosity, we called Jamé and asked if she could come back. Her answer was “Awesome, when do you want me to start?”

Having Jamé back at GRACE creates a feeling of nostalgia mixed with happiness. She is easily one of the friendliest individuals you can come across. Her energy is contagious to the point where you find yourself smiling as soon as your think of her. Her colleagues describe her as diligent, bright, and empathetic. “Jamé is so awesome,” said Client Services Coordinator, Alex Rangel. “She is always finding new ways to build relationships with clients, staff, and the community.”

Jamé credits GRACE for displaying love and compassion towards all clients while serving the community with dignity and respect. Her favorite part of her job is offering hope to the community, letting everyone know that if they “reach for the moon, anything is possible.”

Jamé, welcome back to the GRACE team.