As 2022 continues to bring us more days, GRACE does the same with many different volunteer opportunities. The amount of ways you can make a difference in our community with any of our GRACE programs is amazing. Let’s explore a few of the numerous volunteer opportunities.

Spring time is around the corner and what better way to get into spring fever with volunteering for the GRACE Community Gardens. The Community Gardens is led by experienced volunteer Caryn Hutchinson, who has been volunteering with the community gardens for over ten years. She is currently part of the Tarrant County Master Gardeners Association, and other organizations around the community. The mission of the GRACE Community Garden is to cultivate a healthy community by building collaborations and providing organically grown produce to those in need. The garden produces more than 1,500 pounds of produce each year. The organically grown produce from the garden is donated to the GRACE Food Pantry. If you love being around gardens and nature, the community garden is right for you.

Our GRACEful Buys resale stores and Donation Station are the bridge between GRACE, the community and clients. The community gives to GRACE through the Donation Station and in return GRACE gives back to the community and to its clients through the resale stores. Due to the many donations that GRACE receives on a daily basis, which we are extremely grateful for, GRACE will always need volunteers for these locations. If sorting, organizing, and customer service is one of your strong suits, GRACE would love to have you as an awesome volunteers.

Designer Bags and Bingo, Feed Our Kids and the GRACE Gala are just a few of the events and seasonal programs GRACE puts on for our clients. Volunteering for any of GRACE events allows volunteers to connect with the community, helping setup and take down events, managing auction areas, being a part of a committee and more. We have over seven seasonal and annual events a year, and after one ends another one begins. If you have a passion for event organizing, then this is an awesome volunteer opportunity.

GRACE has a variety of opportunities to volunteer that you can choose from. From being one on one with our clients to being in the community, GRACE always has a place and the space for you to volunteer. For more information on how you or anyone you know can get connected, contact