For many years now, The Women’s Division of the Grapevine Chamber of Commerce has partnered with GRACE’s Friends & Family program to lavish our senior clients with gifts, home décor, and cash donations. That tradition is still going strong, and was a huge success last weekend!

Hundreds of our seniors woke up early on Saturday morning to witness generous visitors from the Women’s Division with arms-full of gifts from their Christmas list. Shopping for necessities was a common goal this year, so many clients received toiletries, cleaning supplies and small meals that last.

The goal of this event is not only to give our senior clients Christmas presents, but also to show them the community cares for them and that we are always looking to help in any way possible. Many of our senior clients do not have family who live nearby, so isolation and depression can become a huge factor throughout the year. However, thanks to those of the Women’s Division who volunteer their time and energy, these folks are greeted with warm smiles and colorful packages to prevent this!

We thank the Women’s Division for always finding ways to support the community. Even though this has become an annual event, the joy it brings has not worn off! Merry Christmas everyone, and have a Happy New Year!