One of the many incredible things about the operations at Donation Station and our resale sites is that it beckons people of all ages and from all walks of life.

This week GRACE was proud to partner with Honda for their first annual Week of Service. Every Honda employee in North America and abroad took some time to give back to their community, and we feel tremendously honored that Honda chose GRACE as their local organization.

Six separate shifts of workers sorted goods at Donation Station and greeted guests with incoming donations.

The sixth graders at Hackberry Creek in Frisco decided to end the year with a worthwhile field trip to GRACE. The students were a huge help processing the large quantity of goods through Donation Station that get selected for material assistance and resale merchandise.

The newest members of NCL Southlake certainly weren’t shy when they volunteered this week to greet incoming donors. Southlake’s National Charity League chapter has been a longtime supporter of GRACE, and we are honored to continue to be a part of their tradition. These mothers and daughters make a dynamic duo when there’s a job to do!

To the mothers, daughters, students and employees, we are indebted to each and every one of you for representing GRACE and serving others.

If your group is interested in partnering with GRACE through service we have the tools to find a project that is best for your group. Contact Lara Hohweiler.