Last fiscal year, GRACE assisted over 12,000 individuals with close to 30,000 different services. Each family we are honored to serve comes to us with a different story. Each department of GRACE works with the resources brought to us through God and the community to maximize the assistance we can provide families and individuals in crisis and financial hardship. GRACE is extremely appreciative for the support of the community we receive. We say it constantly, but we would not be able to do what we do without that support system.

In turn, GRACE can be an amazing place to work, with ongoing opportunity for growth, engagement and reward. We are currently looking to fill full-time positions in development, resale administration and programs. Take a look at our site if you think any of these positions might fit your skillset! For those who aren’t sure if they would find their passion in one of these jobs, we are re-introducing the perfect opportunity to dip your toe in the water.

While GRACE is currently searching for permanent positions to be filled, we are also interested in the chance to give experience to students who are looking for internships in a variety of settings. We currently have interns working with Client Services, most of whom are the first face clients see as they navigate the courageous steps of asking for help. Social Work interns are a perfect fit for this job and others within GRACE. Several other opportunities are available within the programs arena, as well as resale, development and finance.

Internships at GRACE frequently open doorways to full-time, salaried positions. For example, our current Marketing & Communications Manager started out as a summer intern, and she has now been on board as an employee through three major GRACE events. Internships allow you time to fully understand the personality and reach of GRACE in a more comfortable, slower-paced environment. When asked about her transition from intern to full-time, Natalie Podsednik disclosed, “The first day on any job is always intimidating, but here I already knew the routine and the friendly faces that would become my office-neighbors. For the first time, I wasn’t stressed at all, really.”

Whether you are simply looking for experience under your belt (or on your resume), or you’re wanting to settle in with GRACE long-term, we promise the most welcoming community and the development of new, valuable skills. GRACE is dedicated to shaping our employees into strong leaders, sure to walk away with an abundance of knowledge and connections.

For more information on all open positions, visit our site or keep an eye out for new postings on Facebook and LinkedIn. We look forward to meeting you!