When Gateway Church member Doug Webb wanted to connect with a senior through Friends & Family, he knew just the senior who could warm another senior’s heart.

Meet Monty, a twelve-year old black lab who still has a lifetime of love to give. Doug was connected with Friends & Family client Thomas Hayden, who calls Kindred Grapevine Nursing Home and Rehabilitation Center his home.

Pet companionship among isolated seniors has been shown to reduce stress, lower blood pressure and increase social engagement. Pets have a way of inviting others to find joy in the moment and exchange selfless affection.

Doug also brought a book that sparks the two gentlemen’s common interest: the first Americans patriots. With Monty lying comfortably at their sides, Doug began to read aloud the American Revolution memoir to Tom.

“When volunteers have these remarkable ideas, it reminds us that we all have talents and resource to contribute,” says Friends & Family Coordinator Maryann Waddell. “Seniors who know they are valued and cared for are able to confidently face trials when they know they’re not alone.”

These intangible gifts have the ability to brighten someone’s day and even refresh a senior’s outlook on life. Thank you Doug and Monty for your companionship!