When we relayed our need for underwear and shoes for school age children, we knew the community would respond with abundance.

Not only did St. Laurence Church host a collection drive that amassed 600 new packages of underwear for children, the congregation also raised enough funds to purchase 86 new pairs of shoes for Back to School!

That’s 86 children who will walk into their respective school with confidence and pride, and dozens of grateful families who are able to see their children sport new, unused shoes they can utilize the whole school year.

All parents know that children are hard on their shoes, and a pair of sneakers is a hearty investment for any family, especially those who have multiple children. You’ve helped alleviate the burden for families, and created a sense of pride for children whose parents are facing a difficult season.

For all gifts in all packages, we are continually humbled by the community’s zeal to share their blessings with others. Thank you St. Laurence Church!