Select GRACE Gala sponsors and special guests launched the GRACE Gala pre-party at the estate of Hilda and Aslam Khan.

The treasured evening takes place each year to honor foundational sponsors, donors, and volunteers of the GRACE Gala, which allow all proceeds of the event to directly benefit GRACE programs.

VIP Party host Aslam Khan is the CEO of Falcon Holdings and was recently named CEO of TGIFridays this summer. The humble host, who was born in an impoverished hamlet in Pakistan, escaped destitution by his fierce zeal for knowledge and unstoppable drive to excel.

The example of this remarkable family reminds us of the rich potential from within, and that no individual is beyond hope with God’s provision.

Other special guests were honored, including 2017 Gala Chairs Stephanie and Michael Hays, and this year’s Angel of GRACE recipient, which will be formally announced the night of the Gala on October 14.

Special thanks to the Khan family, Giovanna Koning, Grapevine Craft Brewery and Libby Woolverton for helping to make this night possible.