This summer, The British Emporium put on a tasteful celebration of The Queen’s remarkable 70 years of service for those who couldn’t quite make it to London. Guests were able to participate in a variety of activities, such as “A Taste of Britain”, ‘Meet a Brit’, and U.K Author book signings. To top off the festivities, The British Emporium offered raffle tickets to win the rare Barbie Signature Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee Doll, fit with a luxurious gown, accessories and all.

All proceeds from the raffle were generously donated to GRACE, and it was a huge success! The funds raised by the limited edition collectors item will directly help clients involved in GRACE programs, and the winner could not have been more excited to accept the regal doll.

We are so grateful for The British Emporium’s support and belief in what we do at GRACE. Donations of every size and shape are always appreciated, and they allow us to continue reaching further into our communities.

If you are interested in raising funds for GRACE, please reach out to, and reference our current needs page on our website.