Sometimes the smallest gestures can make the biggest impact, and that is exactly what volunteer Janie Stewart and her husband Kenneth are all about.

When GRACE moved into its new facility on Walnut Street about three years ago, a group of volunteers were gracious enough to plant a small tree outside of the Food Pantry. They named it the GRACE Tree, symbolizing that hope and self-sufficiency may come over every staff, client, volunteer, donor and anyone who enters the doors of GRACE.

Five years after being planted, the GRACE Tree is still in very good shape due to the hard work and dedication of Janie and Kenneth. The Stewarts comes out to volunteer at the GRACE Food Pantry every Wednesday to water it, clean up around it and make sure the soil growing around it is healthy for the tree. Pantry Manager, Marcus Miranda, says that “You can feel the presence of someone who wants to give from the heart and not for recognition, and that is Janie.”

The GRACE Tree will surely have a chance to impact many generations of the GRACE family all because of great people like Janie and Kenneth. GRACE deeply appreciates the time and effort Janie and Kenneth put in each week to make sure the tree is maintained properly. Your hard work stands tall as a reminder of community and hope.