Most women (and some men) can remember a serendipitous shopping trip where they not only found the perfect items they were looking for—but treasure trove of their favorite things for a fraction of the cost.

Such an occasion led shopper Angela to invite some friends—16 to be exact—for an impromptu after-hour private shopping party at Style & GRACE, where the treasure trove was opened with snacks and drinks to boot.

Angela’s petite foot size limited her at most retail stores, but Style & GRACE gave her VIP treatment and sought after beautiful size five shoes fit for a princess. At the end of her shopping, she had purchased 14 pairs of shoes that fit just right. The success led to scheduling a private shopping party with her friends.

What’s more, the Style & GRACE volunteer was having so much fun on her first-ever shift, that she stayed to join in on the fun. Another dedicated volunteer came back after an earlier shift to help out, which speaks to the dedication and familial bonds the store has for the GRACE mission.

Style & GRACE is committed to offering personalized, fun, shopping experiences for ladies and men, which is why they make reservations for private shopping parties after hours.

For one night only, friends can sip and shop with special discounted rates and one-on-one attention.

Please note: Private parties of ten or more are limited and scheduled on a case-by-case basis. Scheduling must be done with Style & GRACE Management in person at the store.

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