The Grapevine Postal Service delivered more than our mail at the Food Pantry last month. Volunteers and postal workers collected bags of groceries as part of a national campaign to Stamp Out Hunger. Empty bags were left at homes to be filled with food to go to the GRACE Food pantry.

The total of each bag of groceries from your doorsteps weighed more than an elephant—that’s 6,186 pounds of food collected on behalf of those in need!

Rather than being shipped to some regional distribution center miles away all the food collected by the community goes back to homes in their neighborhoods and cities.

During the month of May, the GRACE Food Pantry was able to give an estimated $38,000 worth of produce and kitchen staples such as milk, eggs, bread and meat to families in need.

Every can of food or gallon of milk this community collects gives nourishment, encouragement and sustainability to those facing hardship. Bare shelves are stocked, children go to bed with a full tummy and parents end their day with grateful hearts.

To our neighbors who so generously gave their resources to meet the physical needs of families facing difficulty, we are sincerely appreciative. Since we know not every city or Postal Office volunteers to step up for this drive, so we appreciate every bag you collected from this wonderful community!