The Second Quarter 2018 GRACE MVP Award winner received multiple nominations and was specifically nominated based on Interdepartmental Relations/Teamwork.

This person always thinks about what they can do to make things easier for the people throughout their site. Before taking scheduled vacations, this person ensures her workload is covered and even gets ahead of schedule so that coworkers would not have to take time away from their own work to cover hers. She thinks of others before herself and takes great pride and ownership in the work she does. She is an extremely quick and efficient worker, and is truly a joy to work with.

The Second Quarter 2018 GRACE MVP Winner is: Fran Butterfield.

Fran is one of GRACE’s Donation Station Production Associates. She has worked for GRACE for 14 years. She helps load trailers, load deliveries and helps with donations in the driveway as well as sorting shoes, purses, miscellaneous clothing and linens. She is always happy to step in and help in the home décor, toy and clothing departments when it is needed. Fran loves working at GRACE because it is close to home, and it allows her to help other people. 

Congratulations Fran!