Since the fire last April which destroyed our Community Clinic and Food Pantry, White’s Chapel Methodist Church has donated over a ton (2,000 pounds) of meat to our Food Pantry.

White’s Chapel is one of our many wonderful church partners, and they have a history of supporting many of our services at GRACE, including being active participants in our Feed Our Kids program, and supporting our Transitional Housing program.

Meat is a big commodity for us, as it is an item that we are often short on at our Food Pantry. Before the fire, White’s Chapel was already donating funds to cover milk purchases at the Pantry. When the fire happened, they reached out to us to see how they could best (further) support us, and since then, they have been regularly donating fresh assortments of meat, an average of 200-400 lbs per week.

We are so thankful to have such wonderful partners! Thank you for everything you do for GRACE!