The GRACE Pantry assists individuals and families who face food insecurity on a daily basis. The self-select model is designed to offer variety, respect and self-determination in the types of food each person selects. Last month, there were over 700 visits to the pantry and in addition almost 400 households received holiday food “baskets”. Sadly, hunger is alive and well in our community.

GRACE has never tried to be the complete resource for families facing hunger. Instead, we try to fill the gap that these families experience in what they are able to provide and the amount of food that will allow their family to be healthy and active. The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program or SNAP is a very valuable resource offering families the ability to purchase food from area grocery stores. In a recent conference dedicated to hunger and poverty, GRACE staff learned even more about SNAP and it’s attempt to battle hunger across our nation. They also learned about how many families who qualify for the program have not gone through the tedious and complicated process of applying for these services.

When GRACE staff members returned from the conference, they felt an even greater responsibility in finding ways to help families apply for SNAP. With the assistance of the American Heart Association and Tarrant Area Food Bank, GRACE has secured a SNAP Navigator to use the GRACE location to assist families and individuals in the SNAP application process. In addition to helping with the SNAP application, this navigator can also educate families and individuals about other federally funded programs like WIC, Medicaid and CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Program).

For anyone who thinks they might qualify for SNAP, please call GRACE at 817-488-7009 for more information.