ReelOutreach is an organization created by Jordan Maison that raises money and hosts special movie events for kids and families who don’t normally get the chance to head to the theater. On top of taking them to see the latest blockbuster films, they also provide concessions and toys/goodie bags for the kids to take home.

On November 21st, several of the GRACE Transitional Housing families and their kids were able to experience a special screening of Disney’s new animated film, Strange World. Each child was given a movie poster, gift cards to the concession stands, and backpacks.

Jordan Maison started ReelOutreach back in 2018, and the goal has remained the same: bring the joy of movies to those who need it most.  Having grown up with very little, a trip to the movie theater was a yearly event if that. Jordan’s family didn’t get to go often, but every time they went, it was an experience that blew his mind. Ultimately, this developed into a love for movies that saw him study filmmaking in college.

For several years, the idea of ReelOutreach had been kicking around. Jordan wanted to give other kids who hardly ever get to go to the movie theater the chance to experience that joy. Several years ago, he “pulled the trigger” and have been blessed with the results ever since. While the pandemic shut the organization down for a couple years, they have been ramping back up and hope to increase events in 2023.

If you are interested in learning more about ReelOutreach, visit

We can’t thank you enough for giving our GRACE families the gift of joy this season! You truly made each one of them feel special.