Those who have gone through any GRACE program understand how impactful it is, and in turn, many have given back to GRACE and its mission through donating, volunteering, or even simple acts of kindness to the community. This week, GRACE client turned chef, Corlisa Booker gave back to GRACE in the most delightful way possible.

Chef Corlisa is a soon-to-be proud graduate of the GRACE Transitional Housing (T.H.) program. Along with raising her son, Sebastian, she also dedicates many hours to perfecting her dream of owning a commercial food truck.

Since being a part of the T.H. program life has treated Corlisa and her family wonderfully. She has become a strong advocate for GRACE and its programs. She attended the 2022 Transitional Housing Graduation and this year’s GRACE Gala. Corlisa and Sebastian also headlined the GRACE Christmas Cottage promo where Corlisa expressed her joy in knowing that “through the Christmas Cottage, Sebastian will have a wonderful Christmas”

Corlisa recently moved from the GRACE Transitional Housing unit to her new apartment where she was advised by Transitional Housing Program Manager, Martisha Smith, to go to GRACEful Buys-Grapevine and get some nice furniture that will complete her new home.

During her visit to GRACEful Buys, Corlisa heart was full of happiness, when the GRACEful Buys staff all came together to make sure she was satisfied with each item for her new home.

To return the kind favor of the GRACEful Buys staff, Corlisa along with her business, Chef Corlisa, Culinary Artist Pinkroomxl, whipped up the most an amazing meal for our GRACEful Buys staff. The meal included BBq ribs, Collard Greens, Ham Hocks, and Jalapeno Cornbread.

“It’s a blessing to be able to witness Corlisa and Sebastian’s courageous journey,” said GRACE CEO, Shonda Schaefer. “I am so glad they are still active in the GRACE community and are continuing to serve others.”

GRACE wants to send a thank you to Chef Corlisa and her Pinkroomxl business for thinking of GRACE when choosing how to serve your community.

For more information about Corlisa and her delicious meals please follow her on Instagram @pinkroomxl or her TikTok @chef_pinkroom! For more information on the GRACE Transitional Housing programs, please visit our website here.