GRACE staff are some of the most hardworking and dedicated people in the community. These staff members have dedicated their time, whether short or long, to become a part of the GRACE family and to serve alongside many others to help those in need.  Over time, many of our staff often find new ventures calling them from beyond GRACE doors.

Kelly Prond was the GRACEful Buys Euless Manager for about 5 years. She started her GRACE journey working at Donation Station. There she realized the importance of all of the wonderful donations that GRACE receives from the community and in turn what is given to our clients.

When she started working at GRACEful Buys Euless, Kelly focused on the value of each item and adjusted pricing accordingly.

“Kelly is a “Thrifter”, said Jennifer Rawls, Director of Resale and Operations. “Her attention to detail and excellent customer experience is what helped get sales back on track at the Euless store.”

Kelly hails from the upper peninsula of Michigan and has decided to return home to be closer to her family and start a new adventure.

Thank you, Kelly, for your hard work and dedication to GRACE. You were a prominent leader in our Euless store and an even better friend. Thank you and we will miss you.

Christina (CiCi) Cates began with GRACE in May 2020 as our Special Events Coordinator. In her position, she saw us through a year of consistent change and the introduction of the first (and hopefully only) Virtual GRACE Gala.

After her promotion to Director of Community Engagement, CiCi’s passion for the success of GRACE and desire to serve her community became even more evident. She began to branch out and serve in many roles in various parts of the community.

CiCi’s impact on GRACE has been incredible and as much as we did not want her to leave we understand that she had to answer to new opportunity that was presented to her by Baylor Scott & White Medical Center. We know she will have major success in her new position!

Our CEO, Shonda Schaefer, used a well-known quote to describe CiCi: “She has fire in her soul, and GRACE in her heart!”

We’ll miss her, but know that only the best things are ahead. Thank you CiCi for the laughs, the memories and of course, that fiery passion that draws our volunteers and staff together.

Alex Rangel was GRACE’s Bilingual Client Service Coordinator. And, if he had to leave us, we are thrilled that it is due to an amazing opportunity to go to med-school with a focus on oncology. Alex started working at GRACE this April and his charm has been a light to many clients and staff alike.

“Alex is polite to everyone who came his way,” said Volunteer Manager, Ryan Jackson. “He always makes an effort to speak to everyone in the room, which in turn created many opportunities for him to tell his story.”

Alex has many goals that he wants to accomplish, but one of his ambitions is to find a cure for cancer. With his mindset, his dreams, and his beloved mother guiding him along the way, there is no mountain that Alex cannot climb—all with a little touch of GRACE.

Although these three amazing individuals are no longer a part of the GRACE staff, their remarkable impact has inspired many donors, volunteers, clients, and staff to make an impact in their community the best way possible, by serving the GRACE mission. We are so grateful to have been able to work alongside each of them and their love for our community will always remain in our hearts. Kelly, CiCi, and Alex go tackle the world. You all have GRACED our hearts in more ways than you know!