GRACE wants to thank and congratulate everyone who has been a part of this summer’s Cooking Matters class.

Cooking Matters is a program through the Tarrant Area County Food Bank that provides a long-term solution to hunger and poor nutrition by demonstrating strategies to receive the best nutrition possible on a limited budget. Participants are also taught many life lessons including how to shop smart.

What makes this Cooking Matters class special, is that this is the first class since the COVID-19 pandemic. We are back and better than ever! This year’s class is made up of 14 individuals who have now completed the Cooking Matters class.

During their time in class, they were able to make some delicious recipes, such as stir fry, veggie chicken, and other delicious healthy meals that can be made in the comfort of their home.

“In Cooking Matters, every week is different,” said Clinic Nurse Manager, Shirley Roberts, RN,BAS CCM.

“One week, you learn about fruits and vegetables and how many nutrients they provide. The next week, you’re learning about sodium and how it can cause major health issues. It’s just an endless cycle of learning and connecting, which is fun for everyone.”

The graduates also got to participate in a final “Smoothie Show and Tell”, in which everyone received different ingredients and had to make the healthiest and most delicious smoothie. This was a big highlight of the program.

We want to send our appreciation to Jordan, Karen, and Carolina from the Tarrant Area Food Bank for coming out each Wednesday for the past six weeks to teach our clients new ways to eat healthily and shop smart.

Congratulations to our wonderful clients who have graduated from Cooking Matters. We hope that along this six-week journey, you were able to make new friends while learning about healthier and more delicious foods that can be made in your home.

For more information on Cooking Matters and how you can eat healthier, please click here.