As many of us know, vehicles require a great deal of attention to detail. Tire pressure, engine check, and cleanliness are just some of the regular checks that many need in order smoothly operate a vehicle. Our clients from the GRACE Transitional Housing program were given an all inclusive workshop on proper vehicle maintenance, and they had a blast.

Carli and Anthony from the North Central Texas Council of Governments came out to GRACE to host a workshop for our clients about the best practices for maintaining their vehicles. The workshop included information on basic car care, air quality, jumping a car, and more. The ladies also had the opportunity to perform a few key tasks such as checking the oil and running a diagnostic.

North Central Texas Council of Governments provided clients with a pamphlet on car care, along with a car care kit. The kit included everything but a new car itself! Inside was a set of jumper cables, a tire pressure gage, a flashlight, and several other tools to ensure that our Transitional Housing clients had everything they could need to operate their vehicles in a bind.

A special thanks to Carli, Anthony and the entire NCTOG staff for taking the time to come and speak about vehicle care. Our clients were so appreciative of the time you spent teaching them, and they were all in agreement that they had learned something new from the workshop.