One of the incredible aspects of having multiple outlets to the community is witnessing the unique blessings that come with each venture.

While the primary goal of our resale operations is to generate revenue that sustain programs throughout the year, the same core values that drive our programs permeate in all our endeavors, including our resale operations.

The resale staff are cognizant ambassadors of GRACE who understand that engaging with the community begins with respecting their customers.

The friendly mindset has become so contagious among the shoppers that many consider both GRACEful Buys locations and Style & GRACE their neighborhood store.

“I don’t know how many times we hear people say what a blessing our store has been because of what wonderful items a customer has purchased of great value that they wouldn’t have been able to afford if not for GRACE,” says GRACEful Buys Euless Manager Larry Cervantes.

The staff creates a bond with their customer that is increasingly rare in the retail world. It’s the great deals on upscale clothing and furniture that bring them to our doors, but it’s the sense of ownership and mission that keep them coming back.

If you’ve never been by either GRACEful Buys locations or Style & GRACE, both GRACEful Buys locations are having a men’s clothing sale, and Style & GRACE is having a half off sale on all jewelry.

100% of all resale revenue at both GRACEful Buys locations and Style & GRACE fund GRACE programs, which provide food, clothing, medical care and shelter to families facing crisis due to limited income or recent emergency. Items collected at Donation Station are utilized for families through resale revenue or material assistance.