It seems no one has made it out of the indecisive weather patterns unaffected over the past few months. Quite frankly, it’s given us all a bit of whiplash, and more commonly- unforgiving allergies. This, combined with a number of other health threats, have quickly emptied the medicine inventory at the GRACE Community Clinic. Over-the-counter meds have been flying off the shelves faster than we can stock them, and the need for help was becoming more and more clear. As if on queue, God delivered.

At the request of their senior pastor, Greg Beutel, Light of the World Church members brought a variety of medications from the GRACE needs list in place of a present. Greg was celebrating his 50th birthday, and chose to donate to our clinic instead of making a wish list of his own. To Greg and all the church members who participated, know that you have made an impact in the lives of so many of our clients. A medicine bottle might feel small, but to someone caught in the relentless cycle of crisis and poverty, it can mean sleeping through the night and getting bills paid for the first time in weeks. We can’t thank you enough!

If you or someone you know is interested in donating, starting a third party event or personally volunteering with GRACE, visit our website for updated needs lists as well as contact info.