GRACE welcome’s new Assistant to the CEO, Bethany Hardikar!

Born in Spring, TX, Bethany has always been very organized in everything that she pursues. That would explain her previous roles working for an academic library and professional organizing.

In March Bethany started working for GRACE, taking over for Melissa Simpkins. Bethany attributes Melissa to the easy adjustment, saying that “the transfer would have been much more difficult if Melissa hadn’t come in practically every day and answered every question that I had. Yes, there’s a lot of work, but I have a blast working here.”

Bethany is well-known for her positive attitude among her colleagues. She is always cheery and eager to assist anyone at any moment, even when she is busy with work and meetings.

Kickboxing, hiking, and rock climbing are some of Bethany’s pastimes. She routinely attends classes at iLoveKickboxing in Bedford and Summit Climbing Gyms in Grapevine and is a member of both.

Bethany is also a travel enthusiast. She has visited more than 15 countries and plans to visit Iceland and others very soon.

When asked about her favorite aspect of the GRACE mission, Bethany responded, “GRACE provides not only resources but also compassion and support for families and individuals. These are the essentials for growth, success, and a vibrant community.”

Bethany has a huge heart for humanity and constantly wants to see people thrive and overcome obstacles. She advises anyone going through a difficult time to “remember that you aren’t going through it alone.”

“Bethany is a quick learner and is always willing to go out and represent GRACE,” said GRACE’s Chief Executive Officer, Shonda Schaefer. “We are thrilled to have Bethany as a member of our GRACE family. Her joyfulness is contagious and we love it.”

We are so excited to have Bethany here on team GRACE. Welcome aboard!