Here at GRACE, we have always had some of the best supporters. Our supporters from past and present are always willing to go above and beyond to help our clients reach their goal of self-sufficiency. For this and more we want to express our gratitude for their outstanding contributions to this wonderful community.

Carla Murray-Wolfe was a lively and kind person who always desired to unite everyone for a greater purpose. She was a fervent supporter of GRACE, as was her husband Bill. Monetary donations to GRACE’s programs and donations to Donation Station made up the majority of their charitable contributions.

Earlier this year, Carla suddenly passed away from a stroke. Even though it was difficult for her friends and family to say goodbye, they never forgot the love she spread and the idea that we are all in this together for a better cause.

“Carla was a cheerful person who adored her high heels,” according to Lori Eilers, GRACE’s Accounting and Stewardship Manager and Carla’s best friend. “Carla often wore her high heels everywhere she went. She would always ensure that they were polished and maintained their clean appearance.”

The two had been friends for just over ten years, but to Lori, it seems like a lifetime. “I will always treasure the memories we have made together. Many lives, including mine, have been impacted by Carla’s soulful heart,” said Lori.

Lori continues to cherish the memory of her late best friend even after her passing.

Last week, the family made a major decision to clean Carla’s closet and donate over 100 pairs of her shoes—many of which were high heels—to GRACE’s Donation Station. In response to the question of what motivated them to donate them, Lori grinned and said, “She would have wanted them donated sooner.”

On behalf of GRACE, we want to express our appreciation to Carla’s friends and family for thinking of GRACE when choosing where to give. The donations of clothes, monetary items, and other items will all go back to GRACE programs and clients which is a great way to honor the memory of Carla Murray-Wolfe.