For many in the community, volunteering at GRACE Donation Station is the first opportunity to help with GRACE programs. The GRACE Donation Station is a hub where the generosity of our community is directed to those in need. Donation Station is a drive thru drop –off site where all donations from the community are processed. Over the 2022-2023 year, donations have averaged over 400 cars per day!

Process wise, donations are sorted first to fill client needs, then the remainder goes to stock our GRACEful Buys Stores. For this to happen, much occurs behind the scenes to sort, assess and manage the incoming donations. This work is accomplished by volunteers assisting GRACE staff. With this time of year being  peak for donations, volunteers are so needed to assist GRACE staff sort all the items.

“The end of the year is our busiest time,” says Brian Matthews, GRACE Donation Station Manager. GRACE embraces an “all hands on deck” attitude to unload cars and send donors on their way as fast as possible. “Donation Station is always prepared to serve our wonderful doners. We thank our donors so much as their gifts help GRACE programs tremendously,” he added.

Volunteers play a critical role at Donation Station. They are needed to be the face of GRACE greeting those dropping off donations and assisting in the sorting process.  All interested will receive ample training, and get to work with some fantastic people.

Volunteer hours at Donation Station are Tuesday- Saturday 9am-5pm.  Donation Station is located at 1060 Texan Trail, Grapevine, TX 76051. If you are part of a troop, church, community or civic group, GRACE Donation Station is a perfect way to serve!  For more information or to sign up, email