This week, staff members from Chicken N Pickle in Grapevine showed up to volunteer their time with GRACE. The group broke up into teams to tackle multiple projects across our various sites, and made a huge difference!

Featuring lawn games, fresh food, and of course, pickleball, it’s no wonder Chicken N pickle has become increasingly popular since opening. Perhaps the best thing about them is their dedication and commitment to giving back locally. It’s part of the culture at Chicken N Pickle – “Our Hearts Are Local,” is their motto when it comes to community engagement.

That’s how 100 – yes, 100! – staff members wound up serving GRACE this past Tuesday. Volunteers worked on landscaping around the main office, helping at our GRACE-ful Buys resale stores, shopping for much needed items for our food pantry, and updating benches and tables around the office with fresh coats of paint! Not only did they support us with their time, but also with a generous donation presented by General Manager, Toni Polichino.

The turnout was amazing, and better yet, everyone had a blast. “It was remarkable to see the gusto and teamwork of such a diverse group of people. Their hard work during their day of service truly made an impact and GRACE is so thankful!” said Meredith Martin, Director of Community Engagement.

If you and your team are interested in volunteering with GRACE, reach out to for more information!