Help us meet a critical need for volunteers so families may receive an optimal tax return next season! Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) is a free tax preparation program that is offered to qualifying families at GRACE sites.

If you share the same affection for spreadsheets and numbers as you do spiders and tightrope walking, take heart in knowing there are several volunteer types to choose from.

Tax Preparers, Intake Specialists and Interpreters help families with the process, and no volunteer is liable for errors. No prior qualification is required, and each volunteer receives ample training.

Last year volunteers helped families discover over $150,000 in Earned Income Credit and over $43,000 in Child Tax Credit. This effort supports GRACE’s mission to restore financial stability for families by helping them accrue a healthy savings account.

The achievement for each family creates a ripple effect that is far reaching, including the intangible support given during tax season for financial stewardship awareness, job coaching, and continued education resources to increase each family’s earning potential.

Want to be a part of what VITA is doing for families?

If you are passionate about helping families overcome hardship through financial education, VITA needs volunteers and financial coaches. Reach out to Lara Hohweiler to get plugged in.