You’ve probably driven past Donation Station, spotted it after breakfast at Old West Café, or even donated gently-used items through the Donation Station drive.

Donation Station houses all the items given by the community, such as clothing, housewares, linens, toys and books to provide assistance to those in the midst of hardship.

Your donation gives families hope when they wonder how they’ll be able to clothe their growing children, or manage their electric bill. Before any goods are placed on the resale shop shelves or in a client’s home, volunteers are needed to sort and process each item received.

To be the best stewards of our in-kind item donations, the staff and volunteers work hard to ensure every item given reaches its fullest potential.

Donation Station received 3,946 donations last month, which amounts to an estimated 120 cars a day. The multitudes of items we receive require stewardship, strategy, and elbow grease to ensure the products are directed where they will be most useful.

Summer volunteers are critically needed to greet donors, unload items and sort goods. This is an ideal volunteer opportunity for families, small groups, scout troops and a group of like-minded colleagues who have an afternoon, Saturday, or even a lunchbreak to lend a helping hand.

Inspired to serve?

Volunteers are needed to be the face of GRACE and greet those dropping off item donations. All interested will receive ample training, and get to work with some fantastic people.

Contact Volunteer Manager Lara Hohweiler for options and resources.