15 year old Kathleen Bulger wanted to help the community, specifically children, and did something about it… she bought, built, and installed a new shelf in our pantry that now stores baby formula and food.

Kathleen’s family is no stranger to GRACE, volunteering for years with various programs and projects like Feed Our Kids and our resale shops GRACEful Buys. But it was Kathleen’s time at our Pantry that got her thinking about how she wanted to do more.

“My mom and I were volunteering at the Pantry and I loved talking with the people that shop there, it was so nice to be able to meet the people I was helping,” Kathleen said. “I felt a connection, and thought if anyone needs help these are the people I want to help the most.”

In the true spirit of grace and giving, Kathleen called our Pantry manager and asked what the Pantry needed. Kathleen listened to what he said and developed her plan…applying for an Action Grant from the National Charity League of Colleyville.

“I applied explaining what I wanted to do, why, and that I wanted to do it for GRACE and I was awarded $200. Once I had it, I went shopping and bought the shelving units and headed over to GRACE to install it.”

Kathleen and her Mom, Bridget Moore, spent a few hours installing and organizing the new baby food section and an additional shelf in our freezer that is being used to store milk.

“The shelves that they installed have made a real difference in the Pantry. All of our baby products were packed in and I think our clients had a hard time finding what they need for their children,” Marcus Miranda, Pantry Manager. “Since the shelves has gone up, l’ve noticed a lot more Moms buying formula and other products for their families…we really appreciate what they’ve done.”

Kathleen’s Mom said that she’s proud of what her daughter has done and was excited to help her.

“Well, I was happy that the project was for GRACE because we feel a real connection to the organization and we always enjoy the time we spend there,” Bridget said. “Kathleen’s original idea was to help kids and building the shelves allowed us to do that. It came full circle without us knowing it would! I love GRACE and we support it anyway we can.”

The GRACE family would like to thank Kathleen for her hard work, smart thinking, and kind heart!