Reliable transportation has always been an issue for our clients. For many individuals, lack of transportation is the first and often final straw in crises that cause job insecurity, housing loss, hunger, and increasing difficulty. To that end we are asking for reliable vehicle donations.

The vast majority of GRACE clients are termed the “working poor”. Their wages cover most of their essentials, and for the most part their vehicles get them around.

As we all do, they have to get back and forth to work, to the schools and back for their children, to the grocery store, the doctor, and all the other errands. But, unlike the rest of us who can roll our cars into a repair shop when something goes wrong, to our clients a massive car repair or an accident immediately becomes a major crisis.

Our Client Services team, understands this issue because they see it so often…dependable transportation can transform a family.

“We have clients who’s lives can be completely changed by a working, reliable car,” Marcela Melendez, GRACE Client Services Manager. “It’s a lot to ask for, but this generous gift has the power to truly make a lasting impact in a family’s life.”

We are humbly asking for vehicles with good running life left. The safety of our clients is utmost on our minds, and we want to make sure their transportation is as reliable as possible.

Again, respectfully, we are not looking for a “push-pull-or-drag” donation. If you have such a car, please contact Charity Motors. The good folks there will assist you with your donation—and just make sure you let them know you would like to proceeds to come to GRACE!

If you have a good working vehicle to donate to GRACE, a full fair market valuation of the car will be set, and a receipt for the tax-deductible gift will be issued. If you have a car donation, please contact Teresa Williamson, GRACE Director of Finance & Operations or call 817-305-4661.