GRACE’s ability to offer a high degree of accountability and integrity is largely due to the tenure of the GRACE Board of Directors. The collective expertise of the GRACE Board is second to none, and GRACE is pleased to welcome two new community leaders to the slate: Bravis Brown, Kevin McNamara and Duff O’Dell.

GRACE’s history of having outstanding Board Members dates back to the beginning of GRACE. Our Board Members have always served with loyalty, honor, and care for the mission of GRACE. We appreciate all of GRACE’s Board members from past to present for the work and love that they have given to the GRACE community. This year we have elected 3 new members to join our Board, and here they are.

The resume of Duff O’Dell is endless. Grapevine Rotary Club, Former Women’s Division President, Grapevine Heritage Foundation and former President of Bay View Club of Grapevine are all just teasers of her commitments to her community. Duff is currently on the City Council, sitting at Place 6 for the city of Grapevine. Her job allows her to be more a part of the community than ever before, which is a big part of who she is. Duff has been an active supporter and volunteer for GRACE for over 30 years, including nine years on the Board. She cites GRACE for being an organization that lives up to its mission well. “The mission of GRACE is truly inspiring,” Duff said. “GRACE is always looking to give a hand up instead of a handout and helping our clients move forward towards self-sufficiency.” Along with being very giving, Duff is very adventurous. She and her husband, Patrick, have traveled to many places, but their favorite place to travel is Ireland. Fun Fact, they have traveled to Ireland over 50 times! In her spare time, Duff is an avid bowler. She bowls with her left hand and to many people, she is a pro. Duff, thank you for all do you for the community. Welcome back to the GRACE Board.


Kevin McNamara is the successful owner of the popular Wise Guys Pizzeria located in Grapevine and Roanoke. Prior to Wise Guys, Kevin worked for Texas Roadhouse, dreaming to own his own restaurant. He opened Wise Guys Pizzeria seven years ago and never looked back. Kevin is very well-rounded in the community as well. He is involved in the Grapevine Chamber of Commerce, Parks & Rec, and Grapevine Rotary Club. He also partners with schools and churches throughout the community, always finding something special about each and every one of them. Kevin has partnered with GRACE many times over the years by volunteering, supporting, and catering for events. “I support GRACE because I believe in its mission,” said Kevin. “The outreach and impact that GRACE makes in the community are incredible.” In his spare time, Kevin loves being around his family. He is married to first-grade teacher, Kimberly, of GCISD, and they have five children ranging from 20 to four years old. Whether Kevin is with his family or he is at work, he always does things for a purpose. “Although we make some amazing pizzas it’s deeper than that,” said Kevin. “Our purpose is to run a business that allows our employees to grow, our guests to feel like family, and our community to see and feel our presence every day!” Kevin, thank you for giving the community Wise Guys Pizzeria and welcome to the GRACE Board.

Being CEO of BPS Just Energy Technology, LLC is a lot of responsibility that Bravis Brown has to take on. Whether it is keeping his crew focused on the right strategy, or encouraging collaboration between other companies, he is always looking for the best possible outcome. Bravis is a very self-motivated person. His true motivation comes from his sense of responsibility to serve and love others, which shows in the many different ways that he is involved in the community. Bravis is a Board Member of the Metroport Chamber, on the finance committee of Keller United Methodist, United Men’s Methodist Group, and many others. Bravis also has the responsibility of being the father of triplet girls. His daughters are 10 years old and are the pride and joy of his life. Whenever they have free time, Bravis takes them to volunteer around the community, teaching them the importance of giving back to the community. Bravis has done many adventurous things in his life, but a highlight of his life is flying in a FA-18 AW (Fighter Attack All Weather Jet). Bravis is a supporter of GRACE and cites all of the GRACE programs as a demonstration of love and passion to help others. “GRACE has such a comprehensive list of services and can meet an individual where they are at in their season of life,” said Bravis.  “GRACE understands that hard times can come at any time, not just Christmas/Holidays and on anyone not just those in extreme poverty.” Bravis, thank you so much for your leadership throughout the community. You truly are a model for all of us to look to. Welcome to the GRACE Board.

GRACE is tremendously honored that these three individuals would invest in GRACE by lending their time, insight and talents. Welcome to the Family!