GRACE staff members came together to celebrate the new fiscal year and reflect on God’s faithfulness thus far.  It wouldn’t be a party without fantastic food, fun games and prizes, decorations and our favorite Hollywood Photo Booth (view our photo gallery below)!

Melissa Simpkins, Director of Administration & Executive Assistant to the CEO, put the party together which began with her sharing a devotional, keeping us mindful that the bounty of assistance and resources we are able to provide our community are a direct gift of obedient stewardship.

As with every agency-wide gathering we acknowledge birthdays and congratulate anniversaries for the coming month, and staff members bestow Kudos to one another in recognition of outstanding effort.  The team from GRACEful Buys Euless did a fabulous job preforming an encouraging, audience-paticipatory skit.

A little game of GRACE Jeopardy and Trivia is always entertaining with humorous answers and also educational insight on the staggering numbers of services we provide.  4,985: what is the number of socks provided this year for back-to-school (that’s 9,970 individual socks to be precise).

Most importantly, the time was well spent reflecting upon what matters most: being there for families in our neighborhoods and cities in desperate pursuit of hope.  GRACE couldn’t open our doors a single day without the generosity of the community, so we thank you for allowing us to celebrate the new fiscal year strong, vibrant and eager to serve families in need!


Kudos for August 2019

Jana McGlone gives Kudos to Tiffany Everett, Teresa Williamson, Shirley Roberts, and Lindsay Williford.

Jamé Scott gives Kudos to Shonda Schaefer, Shirley Roberts, Stacy Pacholick, Brittany Lynch, and Teresa Williamson.

Mark Woolverton gives Kudos to the entire GRACE Staff.

Teresa Williamson gives Kudos to Melissa Simpkins.

Rusty Thigpen gives Kudos to Teresa Williamson.

Lara Hohweiler gives Kudos to the entire Donation Station Staff, Mark Woolverton, Terri Haun, and JoAnne Quintero.

Marta Lassan gives Kudos to the entire Donation Station Staff and Lara Hohweiler.

Julie Norris gives Kudos to the entire GRACEful Buys Grapevine Staff.