Before my journey with GRACE even started, Stacy let me know that her intention was, and had been for a while, to retire and dedicate more time with her family. Because she cared so much for GRACE, our team, and those we serve, she delayed that retirement. First, to step into the role of Interim CEO to help GRACE through a time of transition and change, and then again to support me as I stepped into the role long term. Myself and the leadership team will forever be grateful for the sacrifice of time that Stacy gave to us all to make sure GRACE was taken care of in this way.

GRACE is so very blessed and I count myself lucky to be a part of this team.

It is with a heavy, but hopeful, heart that I announce that Stacy has decided it is now time to put her dreams of retirement into action. She will be with us through August so that we have time to locate our next Chief Programs Officer. We will never be able to replace Stacy, but we are confident we will be provided the right person to take over the reins and lead our programs on this next stage of GRACE’s story.

We will have a more formal celebration to honor Stacy in August, but until then, please join me in congratulating her for a phenomenal job well done. Under her leadership she has built a solid foundation of programming and has helped countless families and individual clients, our community at large, and many staff through the years who were fortunate enough to work alongside her…and I am thankful to count myself as one of those fortunate few.

Silver lining is, even though we are losing Stacy as CPO we are gaining her as the BEST volunteer and community representative that we could ever ask for!

Stacy, on behalf of everyone you have helped, and will help as CPO through August, thank you.