Grapevine Mustangs and Colleyville Black Panthers were represented at the GRACE Food Pantry this week for their abundant collection to replenish much-needed inventory.

Grapevine High School students took it upon themselves to collect some of the most-expensive items for large families: laundry detergent, diapers, cereal, soap and other toiletries.

The students collected so much that it filled six industrial canvas bins—enough to span the surface area of an entire classroom!

Later in the week, GCIDS Nutrition Staff brought their finest to sort goods and present donated goods to the Food Pantry. The team develops nutritious options for school lunches throughout the district, as well as educational opportunities for students to reach their maximum potential through nutrition.

On top of their donations, the staff members stayed to sort expired and dented cans to ensure our clients receive the best options possible for their families. The men and women also took a walk through the Community Garden, which supplied approximately 1,500 pounds of organic fruits and vegetables to families last year.

A special thanks to the GCISD students and staff alike for ensuring children in our community receive wholesome care to reach their full potential!


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