The GRACE Family is wishing longtime employee Barney Humphrey a happy retirement!

After nine years, Barney is retiring from his time as a GRACEful Buys Grapevine Warehouse Associate.

After moving to the area from New Orleans, Barney originally came into contact with GRACE by receiving services from us but a fortunate turn of events helped see him to the employment side of our agency.

“I was looking for work at a temp agency and they suggested GRACE by chance…I showed up and I immediately loved it,” Barney said. “I told them I wanted to work here and luckily, I got the job.”

Jennifer Rawls, Director of Resale & Operations for GRACE had nothing but nice things to say about him.

“We were blessed to have Barney on our team all these years and he will be missed but his customers are going to miss him most of all. Customers sought him out at the store…he grew relationships with them and they kept coming back. Thank you so much for your dedication to GRACE!!”

Barney might be a Warehouse Associate on paper but that never stopped him from doing all manner of different tasks whether it’s working the register or customer service.

“I love everything about it up here but the customers were my favorite part…I hate to leave but I’m 65 years old now and the heat is finally starting to get to me,” he added with a laugh.

We’re sad to see him go but Barney is excited for this next chapter in his life.

“Retiring feels great but I’m going to miss the employees and all the customers… The whole GRACE family is great, I’d recommend working here to anyone.”

Barney, thank you for your dedicated service and kind heart, everyone will miss you!