The GRACE Family is proud to introduce our Director of Community Engagement, Lara Ingram. The Director of Community Engagement is an important role for our organization because of its array of diverse tasks. Lara divides her time outside the agency engaging the community and being deeply involved internally with nearly every aspect of GRACE.

Lara grew up in San Antonio but after college at the University of Texas she lived in some very exciting cities doing very interesting work.

“I worked in Venezuela where we did our own marketing and communications in both Spanish and English for an executive English training company to help high level executives stay fluent for business deals,” Lara said. “I loved my time there, it’s a wonderful place.”

After her time in South America, she moved back to the states and started working PR for aviation entities, advertising agencies, and governmental agencies in places like Los Angeles, Chicago, New York and Washington D.C.

“Most of my career has been spent in crisis communication, whether it was at TSA after 9/11 or with the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission after the Fukushima accident, these were huge projects that really helped shape my career and me as a professional,” Lara explained.

After years of working in these high pressure jobs, Lara was looking to make a shift to the non-profit area which she had always wanted to do.

“Once I heard about the GRACE position, I felt that it was the perfect culmination of all of my abilities in one role. The work we do here is so comprehensive and it feels good to put all the skills I’ve developed over the years to good use. I love the mission and I love the people here, it’s such a fun and diverse group of caring individuals.”

Asked about her time here so far, Lara said that it’s the ‘pace of GRACE’ that keeps her excited to come to work every day.

“The pace of work within the Development Team is easily on par with any of the other major organizations that I’ve worked at in the past. Whether it’s hosting special events, showcasing programs, marketing, community engagement or fundraising…we’re never bored and I love that,” she added laughing.

When she’s not at work Lara loves spending time with her family at her home in Fort Worth.