GRACE is beyond thankful to partner with Faith in Action Initiatives, right here in our backyard. This remarkable organization goes out of its way to make sure that the GRACE community is fully supported and ready to help out at any time.

FIAI is a program through Baylor Scott & White Health that addresses the medical and spiritual needs of communities locally and throughout the world, through education, missions, redirection of resources, and disaster relief.

A fun fact about FIAI, is that they have multiple warehouse facilities that are full of supplies needed to assist individuals and their medical needs.

Knowing about this warehouse, GRACE’s Friends and Family Coordinator, Christine Szymaszek, remembered a client who needed a bariatric wheelchair.

After a couple of calls with FIAI staff, Christine was able to present the client with a comfortable wheelchair completed with accessories fit for our client.

“To be able to partner with organizations such as Faith in Action is an incredible opportunity for GRACE,” said Christine.“We have multiple clients who are in need of these items and we are delighted to be able to provide them with the appropriate medical equipment.”

In addition to the giving that FIAI provides, GRACE also gives back to Faith in Action.

In the GRACE Community Clinic, there are only certain medications that GRACE can receive. (See the GRACE Newsletter article here for more information)

The over-the-counter medication that cannot be used at GRACE, is given to FIAI, to ensure that other individuals in the community are able to receive proper medication.

We are thankful for Faith in Action Initiatives and other organizations that support GRACE. Your support helps us to serve the community in the best way that we can and for that and more, we truly appreciate you. For more information on Faith in Action, please visit their website here.