Donation Station (DS) needs your help and we are extending our offer of double hours.
DS is a wonderful and fun way of giving back to the community and a great way of helping to understand our mission. A little bit of time at DS always translates into a broader understanding of what GRACE is, who it helps, and how the community is vital to our success.

We’ve been extraordinarily busy at DS… There is a lot of work to be done so we are making one of our favorite incentives available to potential DS helpers. Double Hours!

During certain times of the year, and depending on the type of volunteer work needed, GRACE offers double hours to those completing volunteer service. That means that volunteers will receive credit for two hours of service for every one hour completed. Right now we are adjusting the shifts as well, with volunteer shifts lasting 2 hours with up to 10 volunteers at a time. We would love to have groups so if there are any families, high school, church, or business groups that are looking to give back please come help DS.

Volunteer work at the donation center is fun but it can be strenuous, so we ask that volunteers be at least 14 years of age.

Donation Station is a hub where the generosity of our community is truly directed to those in need.

Just like with our GRACEful Buys shopping centers, masking and spacing protocols are being followed to protect volunteers, staff, and donors. So please, sign up today and help the community!

Sign up for a shift HERE!