Texas is known for its scorching heat but let’s not forget that it can also get dangerously cold during the winter months. GRACE is asking you to help us with a Blanket Drive!

Blankets and bedding are needed throughout the year for different reasons but as the cold months approach it’s crucial that we help our clients and their families stay as warm and as comfortable as possible.

“For our clients we sometimes need these items because bedding can be expensive. Some clients just need bedding for everyday reasons like it’s just time to replace it. But for others they need it to get through the winter months; some clients live in homes that are not weatherized and it can be cold,” Marcela Melendez, GRACE Client Services Manager.

Blankets are something that we sometimes get at our retail stores but the issue is that we don’t always get a lot.

In the winter months we tend to get requests for these items from newly unsheltered clients who are now living out of their cars. The bedding might help make their situation more tolerable. Especially this year as some clients who find themselves homeless are concerned about going to shelters because of COVID-19 so they risk staying in cars. Others, can stay with friends but they might not have beds so the bedding becomes a padding of sorts for sleeping in homes when they’re doubled up.

It’s actually a need we get requests for all year but during the winter time its most thought of because being warm might be what makes your living situation a little better. We have needs for “gently used” blankets in good condition in all sizes twin, full, queen, even throw blankets; pillows are not something we take however. Much like mattresses we have hygienic reasons why we have a hard time using them but new pillows are something we accept.

Whether you’re digging up old blankets and bedding you don’t use anymore or maybe organizing a drive at your place of business or worship – please contact GRACE Client Services Manager Marcela Melendez and help keep someone warm this winter.