GRACE volunteers are amazing in so many ways. Their dedication is incredible, their motive is to give, and their ideas are impressive. Last weekend our Transitional Housing clients were given a big surprise from one of our volunteers.

Cynthia Day, attended the 2nd annual GRACE Designer Bags & Bingo Benefiting Transitional Housing event in May, on behalf of her company, Trusted Results Reality being the Title sponsor for the event. While participating in the event, Cynthia was reminded that all of the benefits and donations would go right into GRACE’s Transitional Housing program. After the event, she reached out to Transitional Housing Manager, Martisha Smith, and talked about more ways that she could give back to the families in Transitional Housing. They finally came out up with the idea of having a birthday party for the families.

Transitional Housing decided to celebrate all birthdays that have passed this year, which totaled up to about 20 clients. On the day of the birthday party, Cynthia ordered pizza from the delicious Wiseguys Pizza, cupcakes, and a piñata that the children loved.

Cynthia and her team connected with many of the clients, reminding them that they are not alone on their journey towards self-sufficiency. This great act of kindness from our volunteers showcases the importance of giving back to the community and truly understanding the importance of GRACE.

Thank you Cynthia Day and the Trusted Results Realty group, for creating a special birthday for our clients. They truly appreciate it. If you or someone you know, may have a volunteer idea that you think will be a blessing to our clients, please contact our Volunteer Manager, Ryan Jackson, at