The financial resources needed to sustain vital programming heavily relies on individual online gifts made during 24 Hours of GRACE, an online giving campaign that hits inboxes Tuesday, March 22.

Individuals are encouraged to give according to their family’s blessings so that another family struggling in the community receives food, clothing, shelter, education and medical care.

Oftentimes our greatest allies are middle-class families that understand (or even remember) what it’s like to suffer a devastating blow that threatens their ability to take care of your children or keep their home. It’s the individual support on behalf of families great and small that add up to make an immeasurable difference to a family in search of hopeful support.

Being wise stewards is of utmost importance to our agency, and we strive to utilize every resource to its fullest potential so we can offer a brighter future to as many families as possible.

Please prayerfully consider sharing your blessings with GRACE with a one-time or recurring donation that is personal and meaningful to your family.

Until then be sure to add GRACE to your contacts list, and watch your inbox on Tuesday, March 22! Subscribe to our GRACE E-News here.