From being a representative of GRACE to helping clients, the GRACE staff certainly play many roles in others’ lives, and that is why it is a bittersweet feeling to say goodbye to Marcela Melendez and Fran Butterfield.

Marcela Melendez was GRACE’s Client Service Manager. She recently left GRACE to continue her education at Dallas College and eventually UTA to become a future Nurse Practitioner. Marcy started working with GRACE nine years ago, and has made a lasting impact during her time here. She has served over 10,000 clients, headed many back-to-school drives and has strived to put clients’ needs first in every situation. People who worked with her have said she is, “very compassionate and kindhearted, and you can see it when she’s interacting with her clients.” To her coworkers, she’s known to be a giver because of the many gifts she gives on birthdays, special holidays and sometimes on even random days.

Luckily, the GRACE staff still has some time to say their goodbyes to Marcy. Marcy will be staying a little longer, part-time, to help the GRACE Client Services staff transition well. If that doesn’t speak volumes of her character, we don’t know what does.

Fran Butterfield is a Grapevine native who has worked at GRACE Donation Station for 16 years and has always maintained the positivity that GRACE provides. If anyone volunteered at Donation Station, Fran would be the first to give instructions and help out along the way. Fran is an avid football fan, with her favorite team being the Pittsburg Steelers, whom she could talk about 24/7. Fran’s coworkers have always said they could “rely on Fran to work hard and make Donation Station a fun atmosphere.” She was very devoted to GRACE and her GRACE family, but she knew she had to move to Florida and be with her daughter and her new grandbaby. Fran’s impact on GRACE and Donation Station is highly admired and respected throughout the entire GRACE family and Grapevine community.

Both Marcy and Fran have always put GRACE clients and supporters first, and they are always willing to lend a helping hand to their coworkers and the community. They will always remain a part of the GRACE family.