This week, six women crossed the stage to receive their certificate of completion for the GRACE Transitional Housing program and it was nothing short of excellence. Hosted at the Vine Arts & Events Center in Grapevine once again, the Transitional Housing graduation was one for the books.

These amazing women have been embarking on a life-altering journey for two years, and with the support of our wonderful community, they can achieve their goals of becoming self-sufficient.

Every supporter, volunteer, and graduate was warmly welcomed by GRACE’s Chief Executive Officer, Shonda Schaefer, to another successful year of the Transitional Housing graduation. She noted that every graduate on stage had put in countless hours of hard work to pursue a new and improved life for themselves and their families.

Rev. Sterling Smith, Pastor of White’s Chapel United Methodist Church, offered the invocation, while GRACE Board President, Traci Bernard, touched on great achievements that the graduates in the past and present have accomplished.

One of GRACE’s long-time board members and supporters, Duff O’Dell, was the keynote speaker for this year’s graduation. She gave an emotional but powerful speech on behalf of the graduates. She made sure to give praise to every staff and volunteer who supported the graduates along the way.

The purpose and importance of GRACE Transitional Housing were also honored throughout the occasion. The two-year, rigidly planned curriculum emphasizes enhancing life skills, education, employment prospects, as well as physical, mental, and spiritual wellness. Families can overcome the cycle of homelessness and poverty thanks to the program’s case management and training services.

Staff members from GRACE collaborate with neighboring volunteers to offer a loving environment, attend to client needs, and give hope back to families in distress.

Clients are urged to save money through a “rent account” that is refunded to the client upon graduation to assist them in securing their next residence. Each client is allowed to take any furniture, clothes, or other material objects offered by GRACE to aid in their “new start”.

GRACE Transitional Housing (TH) offers accommodation for families experiencing homelessness as well as extensive case management geared toward self-sufficiency. For homeless women, children, and families striving for self-sufficiency, TH offers long-term support and case management.

The TH program provides the clients the understanding and support they need to recover and obtain the abilities they need to succeed.

For a minimum of six months and a maximum of two years, clients get access to TH. Weekly case management meetings are held, and case managers offer assistance with day-to-day activities.

TH case plans are created specifically for each person or family, and every approach is to ensure the client’s long-term stability. Clients must acquire a job or enroll in a trade or professional school to complete the program and graduate.

The GRACE Transitional Housing program has an 80 percent success rate, which is significantly higher than the 50 percent national average for similar programs.

GRACE extends sincere congratulations to all of its Transitional Housing graduates and provides support and confidence to everyone still enrolled in the program. GRACE Transitional Housing genuinely transforms lives and instills optimism for happier futures.

For more information about GRACE Transitional Housing, contact Martisha Smith at 817-305-4641.