Attention GRACE volunteers: We would like to announce a new opportunity to help GRACE! We are excited to introduce our TOLO Box Program! These “Take one, leave one” boxes are located at three various GRACE locations: The GRACE Food Pantry, Donation Station, and GRACE’s old headquarters (off Scribner in Grapevine).

These TOLO boxes are designed to be an entirely volunteer-driven opportunity. Here’s how it works: Individuals, groups, or businesses can ‘adopt’ a TOLO Box for a minimum of one month*. It is the adoptee’s job to make sure that the box remains full for the entire month— visiting and checking in at least once each week.

So why should you ‘adopt’ a TOLO box? The benefits are two-fold. The primary goal of these donation boxes is to combat food insecurity in our area. They offer individuals and families immediate access to food outside of GRACE Food Pantry operating hours.

The TOLO boxes also present the perfect opportunity for volunteers to curate a ‘giving-back’ experience unique to them. It is a great volunteer opportunity for individuals, families, churches, businesses and schools to help in the community.

Local business with unique time constraints but still looking to give back? Adopt a TOLO box for flexible community engagement!

Teach woodshop and want your students to attempt a practical application of what they’ve learned? Help us fix up one of the TOLO boxes!

Are you a parent looking to teach your children about giving back? Adopt a TOLO box for a hands on approach!

Though the boxes may say “GRACE”, we want them to be representative of the community as a whole. Adopt a TOLO box and work with GRACE staff to make it your own, all while giving back to our community.

For those interested, please email our Volunteer & PR Coordinator, Anni Hengesbach-Gomes, at


*Timeline flexible— reach out to to coordinate/for more details.