We have an amazing staff here at GRACE so anytime we have the opportunity to show them our appreciation we go for it! This week we celebrated Administrative Professionals Day and sent four of our amazing GRACE employees off on a day of fun!

Our administrative team at GRACE, Melissa Simpkins Director of Administration & Executive Asst. to the CEO, Accounting Associate Lucy Tadrous, Stewardship Manager Jill Norvelle, and Bilingual Client Services Coordinator Nancy Polley, do the behind-the-scenes work that keep us running smoothly…it’s not easy work! Spread sheets, mail and emails, budgets, financial statements, donation verification, recognition and appreciation shout outs…when you write a check or donate to GRACE, our Admin staff make sure that gift is correctly catalogued so it goes to the right place. The work they do every day is vital to our success as an organization and the success of our clients which is our highest priority.

To show our appreciation, the GRACE staff signed cards and planned a relaxing day of fun!

The ladies were taken to Chez Fabien in Grapevine for a delicious brunch and after that they were whisked away to a spa to have their nails done.

It’s difficult to express our gratitude to these wonderful professionals for all the hard work they do but more than that they are our family members…so thank you Melissa, Jill, Lucy, and Nancy for being the wonderful people we’ve all grown to love so much!